New motivations from France

The third international partner meeting of the Erasmus+ project named ‘Prevent bullying and abuse’ (PREVENT) was organised on 12-14 June 2019 in Chambery, France. After a nice opening ceremony in the city hall of Chambery and a motivating and inspiring speech from the deputy mayor of the city, Mrs Nathalie Colin-Cocchi, the consortium of 5 partner organisations continued its joint work to develop a simulation game for young adults.

The aims of the simulation game will be to let young adults know about such vulnerable groups like people living with disabilities, migrants, poor people etc. and to make them more sensitive about the potential abuse situations suffered by these vulnerable groups, and also to get them thinking about this topic and to stop them to be an abuser, and to give them some good tools on how to handle these situations in their everyday lives.

If you have such big aims in a project, then of course, you have many things to do and that was the case also in Chambery during our partner meeting. So after the inspiring speech of the deputy mayor, on 13 June 2019 the consortium continued its joint work with renewed motivation and sense of mission. We had many aims to reach also regarding the current partner meeting, such as to discuss the new characters, and give some suggestions on modifications to each other; to listen some good ideas about gamification and makes some steps forward in this content; to get to know the Forum Theatre methodology and tries it with a short play; to discuss the first draft version of the Guidelines; to finalise the Dissemination plan and the Leaflet; and also to prepare each partner for the submission of the Interim report.

So the programme of the meeting was quite busy, but thanks to the active and effective co-working of the partnership, we were able to meet all the expectations and reach all the aims of the meeting. At the end of the second day, the partner said goodbye to each other and went home to continue to work on the intellectual outputs until the next partner meeting which is to be held on October 2019, in Portugal.

Progress in Denmark

Prevent Bullying and Abuse (PREVENT; KA2+2018-1-HU01-KA204-047719) is a big Erasmus+ project implemented from European Union fund by a consortium of 7 partner organizations from 6 different countries (Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, France, Portugal and Denmark) led by FSZK Nonprofit Ltd.

A képen az FSZK munkatársai és a Dán kollágák láthatók egy asztal körül

Our project started in 2018 and will end in 2021, and the main goal of our project is to develop a simulation game for young adults to let them know about such vulnerable groups like people living with disabilities, migrants, poor people etc. and make them more sensitive about the potential abuse situations suffered by these vulnerable groups. We want to reach these goals by using the indirect method of simulation games and also the Forum Theatre method, and we would like to develop such a game which not only enhance the knowledge of young adults in the topic of abuse, but to get them thinking about this topic and to stop them to be an abuser, and also to give them some good tools on how to handle these situations in their everyday lives.

After the kick-off meeting (Budapest, December 2018) the consortium members worked hard on finalising the already existing characters and situations of the game, and the game was tested by young adults and experts in Denmark, Portugal, France, Bulgaria and Romania.

Then, the consortium members met again during the second transnational partner meetings which was organised in the Copenhagen City Youth School in Denmark, on 11 March 2019. All the partner organisations were present in the meeting which had more aims:

  • to get an overview and a speak about the activities and results so far in the project;
  • to point out the tasks, the responsible parties and deadlines of the next project phase;
  • to discuss about new ideas and questions on how to develop further the game;
  • to get more familiar with the administrative and financial questions of the project.

Thanks to the meeting and to our joint thinking, many good ideas came up regarding the gamification, and the participants also shared some good practices and useful methods with each other. All in all, the meeting was very useful and met all of its goals. The next transnational partner meeting will be organised in Chambéry, France on 12-13 June 2019. In the meantime, the consortium members continue to work on the already existing characters and situations, and also create some new characters and situations as part of the development process of our simulation game. Work in process…

Date: 26-03-2019

PREVENT project came to life

The creative work in the Prevent Bullying and Abuse (PREVENT) project has been started with the kick-off meeting on 2-4 December 2018, in Budapest. During the meeting, the consortium of 7 partner organisations from 6 nations, led by FSZK Non-profit Ltd., got familiar with the project rules and plans, and also tested the “zero” version of the to-be-made simulation game.

Bullying is a very common, serious and growing problem throughout the world and Europe. The main objective of the project is to develop educators’ competencies in their everyday work for preventing young adults of different kind of bullying, from mockery to abuse. A comprehensive tool system will be developed in the project for that which includes:

  • a simulation board game mostly for young adults;
  • a Guidelines on how to work with young adults’ experiences gained from the simulation game;
  • a Forum theatre methodology also working with their experiences gained from the game.

One objective of the game is to sensitize and inform young adults about the different ways of bullying, and gives them all the necessary knowledge and practices to recognize, avoid and/or handle abuse in the best possible way.  Another important objective of the project is to promote and support the social inclusion of such vulnerable groups who already have fewer opportunities and so have bigger chance becoming victims of bullying. The simulation game supports to emphasize our common responsibility to avoid bullying situations. The third objective of the project empowering with the necessary knowledge and practices to young adults (including young adults from different types of vulnerable groups) to recognize, avoid and/or handle such situations in the best possible way.

The implementation of the project started on 1 September 2018 and will end on 30 April 2021. The consortium members first met on 2-4 December 2018 in Budapest, and they took their first steps together towards their joint aim: to create a useful tool for young adults to prevent and/or avoid abuse.

As the very first step on this route, FSZK presented the “zero version” of the simulation game to the partners and organised a test for them. Then, they shared their first impressions and feedbacks on the game so the professional discussion has already been started. To be more attuned to the topic of abuse, the participants of the meeting watched a Hungarian film together (Hope you’ll die next time :)). After the film watching, also the director of the film joined to the project team and had an exciting conversation with them not only about the film, but also about the topic of abuse.

All in all, the kick-off meeting has successfully reached its aim as each participants said goodbye at the end of the meeting sharing the same commitment, dedication and motivation on the project, also agreed and got familiar with their tasks and responsibilities. Now the next important step in the project is the organisation and implementation of the first test events. After the kick-off meeting, the consortium made the ‘first test version’ of the simulation game building in also the suggestions of the partners, that they can use during the first test events in Denmark, France, Portugal, Bulgaria and Romania with the inclusion of young adults and experts from their countries.

Date: 05-02-2019