Publications of Project TÁRS

A képen a kötelező infoblokk látható az alábbi feliratokkal: Magyarország kormánya, Európai Unió Európai Szociális alap, Széchenyi 2020

The Hungarian Government has set the goal of making a transition from large residential institutions to services promoting community-based care. Within the process, FSZK Nonprofit Kft. (Equal Opportunities of Persons with Disabilities Non-profit Ltd.), especially Project TÁRS (PARTNER) is responsible for establishing the methodological background for deinstitutionalization, as well as supporting and monitoring the process. Here you can find our English publications concerning DI process.

Project TÁRS Informational Pamphlet

This short, easy-to-understand publication gives insight into what is deinstitutionalisation and why it is necessary, what is Supported Housing, how deinstitutionalisation is being implemented in Hungary, what is the role of FSZK within this process and what are the supporting activities of Project TÁRS.

The purpose of the publication is to assist the members of the National Professional Network Supporting Deinstitutionalisation Process, specifically residential institutions implementing DI process, during their communication activities concerning DI.

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