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Path Of Deinstitutionalisation – Urgent Moves (PODIUM)

The Path Of Deinstitutionalisation – Urgent Moves (PODIUM)   is a 32 month long project (September 2015- April 2018) that aims to support the professional and human resources side of the Deinstitutionalization process started in the recent years in Middle-Eastern Europe.

6 organizations from 5 nations participate in this project, led by FSZK (Fogyatékos Személyek Esélyegyenlőségéért Közhasznú Non-profit Kft.) as the chair of the consortium.

Partner organizations are

Central Denmark Region (Denmark) partner logójaAsociația Alternativa Brincovenești (Romania) partner logójaCUDV Draga (Slovenia) partner logójaMDRI-Serbia (Serbia) partner logójaELTE - Bárczi Gusztáv Gyógypedagógiai Kar és Társadalomtudományi Kar logójaFSZK logó




During the international cooperation of the participating organizations, a country specific” DI manager training course” and its „train the trainer course” will be created. As a first step, this document is a summary of the main goals, aspects and dilemmas that became apparent in the early stages of planning the „DI manager training course”. This material is a „Core training” which refers to the fact that it is a collection of ideas on the optimum training elements, it is a working process, and is – by the nature of it – is bound to go through series of changes as the concept becomes more clear by the continuous feedback and reviewing by experts in the field of DI. Once the „Core training” becomes finalized by the consortium; all partner organizations will start to adapt it to the country’s own specifics (e.g. target-group needs, legislative requirements etc.). We gave the “Innovative vision and thinking in social management” title to this core training which sums up the overall goal which is to be achieved by it.

At the end of the PODIUM project each partner organisation during a pilot training will train a specific number (20) participants – DI managers – who will carry out the process of Deinstitutionalisation in their own organization.

Project details

Project name

Path Of Deinstitutionalisation – Urgent Moves (PODIUM)

Total EU fund

293 256 €

Project implementation period

from 01-09-2015 till 30-04-2018 (32 months)

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